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Helping young lives take off

Positive, Lasting Change

Research shows that the foundations laid in adolescence play a major role in future success. Yet today young people tell us that changing societal norms and ever-increasing expectations place an enormous strain on their mental health.


Unfortunately, the majority of young people we survey still don’t believe they have the necessary tools to build the best foundation for their future.

Based on scientifically backed methods we work with young people to implement positive, lasting life changes that will help them navigate an increasingly complex world.

Our Programs

The JET Network delivers engaging programs and workshops to schools, providing practical, evidence-based, positive mental health strategies to build resilience, character and wellbeing in young people's lives.


JET stands for journey ending in transformation. It is therefore our mission to see young people thriving in all areas of their life, while living lives of hope and purpose. 

How we help
Who are we

Who are we

The Jet Network is made up of a diverse group of people who care deeply about this generation of youth and their quality of life. Some of our key personal are introduced below.

Dr Ashley Humphrey

Ashley completed his PhD in Psychology at Monash University, and currently works as a researcher and lecturer in Psychology.  

Ashley has spent the past 10 years working with young people helping them reach towards their potential. A once troubled young person himself, Ashley understands first hand the difficulties young people face in today's complex world. A leading youth scholar and writer, he and his team at the Jet Network are passionate about helping young people thrive in all aspects of their life.

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Sam Edwards

Sam is a former teacher and elite sportsperson who has an extensive background working with at risk and disadvantaged young people. A gifted communicator, Sam is passionate about seen young people fufilling their potential. 

Ian and Maria Claridge Board Members

With a combined 50 years experience in educational leadership, Ian and Maria serve diligently on the board of the JET network. 


Bookings & Contact

For further information on our programs please submit this form. Alternatively call us on 0421-500-382 or email us at

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